Licznik odwiedzin

Polish (Poland)English (United Kingdom)


„Matecznik” kina amatorskiego w Polsce po 1989 roku.

The cradle of independent movies in Poland after regaining independence in 1989.


Peter K. called it „HOLLYWOOD BIALYSTOK” [1993 – 2001] after his beloved homecity Bialystok. It was the most dynamic and active center of “the independent cinema” in the world. The films produced by Peter K. and the film maniacs gathered by him [about 1000 people of all possible professions] could be characterized by the following features: unpredictability, fast action, spicy humour and universal plots which could be understood by people of all nationalities. Films are mainly entertainment and when they really entertain then you can make them whatever you want them to be. Their premiers were so monumental and spectacular that could even overshadow those in the American Hollywood. As far as Poland and Europe are concerned they were totally innovative.  2001 Peter Krzywiec ran out of financial resources and “Hollywood Bialystok” went bankrupt. There were no sponsors eager to invest money in his movies which were considered to be too weird and controversial. No one was willing to release his films on DVD or show it on TV. There were only two cases when somebody from Polish show business got interested in his movies but then the producers and the right owners of his films refused to make a deal because the offered money was embarassingly low.  He had to pay enormous amounts of money to be able to show his films in the local cinemas in his own homecity Bialystok. It usually took 2 years to get a permission from the local authorities to organize his film premier. Nowadays Peter Krzywiec is a happily married man [wife – Martha, daughter – Natalie, son Michael] and he runs his own business. He is writing a movie screenplay and a book about “THE WARSAW UPRISING 1944.”  Now everything depends only on his imagination and a computer keyboard. He will probably have to invest his own money in publishing his book about the Uprising because his style is as usual politically incorrect.


The Warsaw Uprising, August 1944. An insurgent of the Polish State Army [AK] is carring a dead child-soldier.